Marmomac 2022, The Plus Theatre (1): “Visionary Stone“ by industry designer Raffaello Galiotto

“Visionary Stone“ by industry designer Raffaello Galiotto

Experimental works of art inspired by natural forms found in the animals and plants processed with CNC technology

Marmomac has renamed its former “Italian Stone Theatre“ to “Plus Theatre“ and relocated from hall 1 to hall 10. The show continues to be the realm for innovative ideas that can be made from marble, granite & Co in product design, architecture, and art. We publish the press releases describing 4 of the presentations:

VISIONARY STONE (Curator and author: industry designer Raffaello Galiotto) is an exhibition of works of art in natural stone designed using parametric software and carved entirely with CNC machinery. The exhibition involves 9 stone sculptures inspired by the natural forms found in the animal and plant kingdom. They are guided by compositional logics such as symmetry and phylloctaxis, halfway between a fossil find and the beached exoskeleton of marine animals.

A visionary collection that stirs up the debate between natural and artificial, prompted by a new expressive language where natural stone meets the digital world in an antithetical relationship between materiality and immateriality, between human and robot.

Raffaello Galiotto.

Stone worked in this way, with perceptive, visual, and tactile milling of very high precision, invites observers into a physical experience through impressively evocative and appealing aesthetic expressions and meanings that go far beyond a merely technical exercise.

The works are arranged on 3 exhibit islands also in stone, as an integral part of the show.

The exhibition was developed in cooperation with companies of excellence in processing and the construction of machinery in the natural stone sector.


Raffaello Galiotto

Photos: Ennevi / Marmomac

Caula.Caula.CAULA: The upper surface of this ‘abyssal creature’ is characterized by an opposing symmetrical shape and is divided into adjacent areas obtained by brushing the marble with a disc. The laminated part underneath is visible right up to the walls of the rounded edges and is engraved with radial milling paths.
Production: Etna Stone & Design
Machinery: Emmedue
Tools: Nicolai Diamant
Software: DDX
Material: Bianco Carrara
Measurements: 122 x 103 x 28 cm

Pora.Pora.PORA is halfway between the marine inspiration of mollusc exoskeletons and the woody conformations of plant seeds. A lithic interpretation of fascinating natural forms translated into numerical paths and computerized marble processing.
Production: Generelli
Material: Marmo di Arzo
Measurements: 74.5 x 95,5 x 15 cm

Proto I.Proto I.PROTO I: The work is conceived as a computer-drawn primary element from which other forms can be generated. Distinguished by the book matched Rosewood marble, the sculpture evokes the seascape and internal structures of an unknown being. The natural material, with its unrepeatable textures, gives uniqueness to the potentially replicable form.
Production: Scuola Tecnica del Marmo – Settore Arte e Automazione – Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella
Machinery: Gmm
Software: DDX
Bonding chemicals: Tenax
Material: Palissandro Reale by Gruppo Tosco Marmi O.M.G.
Measurements: 61 x 132.5 x 1.5 cm

Proto II.Proto II.PROTO II: According to natural evolutionary logic, in this work, the parameters of the initial computer algorithm (Proto I) that generated the form were varied, extending, amplifying or reducing its parts, to give rise to a ‘new species’. The work’s small, delicate protuberances denote the subtlety and fragility of superb numerical workmanship.
Production: Gmm
Software: Alphacam by Licom Systems
Material: Palissandro Reale by Gruppo Tosco Marmi O.M.G.
Measurements: 118 x 113 x 20 cm

Proto III.Proto III.PROTO III: The original lithic form (Proto I, Proto II) becomes more complex, it ripples, takes on body and expands, extending its wings perhaps to leave the liquid world to soar into the gaseous one. The eyelet openings are produced by the intersection of the milling paths of the surfaces, front and back, and emphasise the precision of the symmetrical workmanship and the compactness of the material.
Production: Generelli
Material: Palissandro Oniciato by Gruppo Tosco Marmi O.M.G.
Measurements: 147.5 x 83.5 x 20 cm

Stellata.Stellata.STELLATA: Just as an internal structure of a body is molded by the surrounding limbs, so the marble work is worked by sinuous paths set against discs in brushing. The fascinating similarity stimulates reflection on the incidence of working methods (methodology, precision, marks, surface quality) in relation to creative intent and correspondence with the designed form.
Production: Odone Angelo
Material: Rosa Norvegia by Nikolaus Bagnara
Measurements: 109.5 x 71 x 11.5 cm

Testudo.Testudo.TESTUDO: Like the carapace of an animal, the hard but permeable shell seems to protect the hypothetical soft limbs that once, perhaps, pulsed beneath. Sensations evoked by the Rosa Norvegia marble that enhances the elongated organic form thanks to the white, crystalline tongues included in its pinkish background.
Production: Odone Angelo
Material: Rosa Norvegia by Nikolaus Bagnara
Measurements: 118 x 48 x 14 cm

Truncus I.Truncus I.TRUNCUS I: The essentiality of the disc milling paths contrasts with the strong visceral organicity of the form. The especially selected Rosa Peralba marble changes the perceptive sensation of the material from mineral to animal.
Production: Margraf
Material: Rosa Peralba by Margraf
Measurements: 115.5 x 84.5 x 39.5 cm

Truncus II.Truncus II.TRUNCUS II: The apparent fragility of the lithic skeleton conceals skilful computerized structural design and precise numerical processing. Digital immateriality and lithic materiality merge in this large thoracic structure as a kind of unknown remnant of an imaginary world.
Production: Margraf
Material: Rosa Peralba by Margraf
Measurements: 157 x 70 x 34 cm
PARAMETRIC STONE LANDSCAPE is the name for the 3 exhibit islands on which the works are presented. Each island measures 2.5 x 9 m; the Pietra Leccese in slabs was processed with numerically controlled machines capable of precisely producing all the components required to create the shape. The final, hollow relief is composed of the dry superimposition of all the elements produced. The project aims to restore a hilly trend of strong three-dimensionality while minimising the use of material.
Production: Bianco Cave by Fato Stone
Material: Pietra Leccese by Fato Stone
Measurements: 230 x 900 cm

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