Marmomac 2022, The Plus Theatre (4): “Marmomac Meets Academies“ curated by Giuseppe Fallacara and Domenico Potenza

Marmomac Meets Academies 2022.

The exhibition focuses on the concept of public space as investigated by universities and companies: from the historic Italian piazza to the contemporary public square

Marmomac has renamed its former “Italian Stone Theatre“ to “Plus Theatre“ and relocated from hall 1 to hall 10. The show continues to be the realm for innovative ideas that can be made from marble, granite & Co in product design, architecture, and art. We publish the press releases describing 4 of the presentations:

“MARMOMAC MEETS ACADEMIES“ curated by Giuseppe Fallacara and Domenico Potenza: Raising a stone into an upright position was mankind’s first architectural gesture; an apparently simple yet in reality complex action in that it set in motion a transformation that turned the original nature of places into new landscapes; the landscape created by human artifice. Architecture is the offspring of that initial act: balancing stone after stone to adapt environmental conditions to human needs.

And stone, more than any other material, brings about the continuous processes of territorial modification; especially in those areas where natural stone is more common and its use more extensive, to the point of interpreting the stratified identity in the history of the places where we live. This explains the continual prominence of a material that proves capable of going far beyond the evolution of its various expressive languages. Architecture is nothing more than continuous destroying to build again, and then destroying again to rebuild anew, without ever interrupting the principles and reasons for such actions.

Domenico Potenza (left), Giuseppe Fallacara.

The idea of the exhibition is to showcase the variety and richness of a widespread stone landscape, starting from a kind of “journey into the Italy of natural stone“ capable of narrating quarry areas, the stratifications of urban landscapes and the experiments of scientific research by the various schools of architecture in Italy and abroad. This edition of Marmomac Meets Academies focuses on the concept of public space as investigated by universities and companies: from the enhancement of the historic tradition of Italian squares to the redevelopment of contemporary public spaces.

Italy as a whole provides widespread testimony of the relationship between stone materials and the landscape, in urban and rural areas alike. From the Ligurian roofing slates, to paving in porphyry from Trentino (today used in most of the towns in all regions); from the highly-prized white marbles from the Apuan Alps (exported all over the world), to the historic travertines of ancient Rome and other found locations in central Italy; from the slabs from quarries in Lessinia to the luminous limestones of the cathedrals and castles in Apulia, the golden stones of the Sicilian Baroque, the lava stones of Etna and the robust and perennial granites of Sardinia.

The aim is to present an exemplary itinerary (between the stone districts and urban landscapes) of the Italian provinces together with leading Italian and international university experiments. Participants were:
* BARI POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY – Giuseppe Fallacara, Maurizio Barberio, Micaela Colella, Dario Costantino, Ilaria Cavaliere, Angelo Vito Graziano, Marco Stigliano, Ubaldo Occhinegro, Micaela Pignatelli;
* “G. D’ANNUNZIO” UNIVERSITY, CHIETI – PESCARA – Domenico Potenza, Giulio Girasante
* VERONA ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS – Marta Ferretti, Sotirios Papadopoulos;
* NYIT NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY – Christian R. Pongratz, Dustin White;
* TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITÄT KAISERSLAUTERN – Cornelie Leopold, Eva Hagen, Benedikt Blumenröder;

The works consists of a transformation from a 2D parquet texture into a three-dimensional interlocking system made with a single multiplied module. The blocks were made using CNC machines.


Professor Giuseppe Fallacara, Politecnico di Bari, Mail

Domenico Potenza

Photos: Ennevi / Marmomac

Panca a nastro.Panca a nastro: Modular bench used for street furniture. It works both as a seat and as a parking lot for bicycles.
Design: Giuseppe Fallacara e Marco Stigliano
Production: Pi.Mar con Tarricone Prefabbricati
Materials: Recomposed stone with ecological binders for the absorption of CO2 and Lecce stone powder

Porta d’Oriente.Porta d’Oriente: Diaphanous system for urban decorations, dividing filters/brises-soleil, street furniture.
Design: Giuseppe Fallacara e Marco Stigliano
Production: Mastropasqua Marmi
Materials: Lightened stone on alucobond, Carrara white marble and Marquinia black marble

Chaise-longue per Sciola.Chaise-longue per Sciola: Chaise longue for gardens, made of recomposed stone and natural stone. It works as a musical instrument.
Design: Giuseppe Fallacara, Marco Stigliano, Ubaldo Occhinegro, Micaela Pignatelli
Production: Stilmarmo with Tarricone Prefabbricati
Materials: Apricena stone

Stone wings.Stone wings: Double sided cantilevered bench built cutting diagonally a parallelepiped stone block.
Design: Fabio Tellia e Giuseppe Fallacara
Production: Stilmarmo
Materials: Apricena stone

Simple bench.Simple bench: Bench for exterior spaces. It is built with very thin slabs and it has an integrated illumination system.
Design: Giuseppe Fallacara
Production: Stilmarmo
Materials: Lightened Apricena stone slab

ICHU chair.ICHU chair: Footstool for interior and exterior spaces. It is composed of a 3D printed base and a stone seat.
Design: Irina Chun
Production: Stilmarmo con Cnc Design e Poliba Stone Lab 4.0
Materials: Apricena stone and PLA with added marble powder

Le Tabouret.
Le Tabouret: Ergonomic seat with an integrated metallic damper.
Design: Giuseppe Fallacara
Production: SNBR
Materials: Travertine

Sgabello “in sella”.Sgabello “in sella”: Flexible footstool aimed at equestrian training. It is composed of a self-balancing system with suspensions.
Design: Giuseppe Fallacara
Production: Mastropasqua Marmi
Materials: Cold-rolled galvanized steel sheet and Forest Green stone, sospensioni metalliche.

Stone pouf.Stone pouf: Pouf obtained with the mutual interlocking of flat marble slabs.
Design: Giuseppe Fallacara con Anthony Caradonna (NYIT)
Production: Mastropasqua Marmi
Materials: Slabs of Carrara white marble

Seduta da corsa.Seduta da corsa: The work combines some of the main features of the stone design objects production using new digital technologies. It is connected to the research field and the recent studies on “beauty algorithms”, which find application and synergy within innovative processes of parametric design.
Design: Massimo Russo
Production: Helios Automazioni, Felice Chirò, Industria Marmi, Puglisi Marmi, Confindustria di Capitanata / settore lapideo
Materials: Etna lava stone

The Global Dōrō.The Global Dōrō: Hand sculpted totem made of granite and composed of blocks that recall both the architectural orders and the Zen lantern.
Design: Marco Ferrero, Carlos Acosta Fontana e gli studenti del workshop “MTA – Meet Traditional Art: Kyoto-Rome
Production: M° Takaaki Saida – Kyoto, Balducci Marmi
Materials: Granite

Tetrades.Tetrades: Carved monolith composed of a sequence of sections made of different types of marble and equipped with LED strips.
Design: Sara Mosconi, Ayelen Pesenti, Lucrezia Picariello, Camilla Quarti
Production: Donatoni Macchine
Materials: Marble

Urban Climate Oasis.Urban Climate Oasis: The project consists of a system of green walls with a seat and uses natural stone as a sustainable material, exploiting the tools of computational design to almost completely eliminate production waste and to minimize manufacturing time and energy consumption.
Design: Christian R. Pongratz, Fadhil Fadhil e Pongratz Perbellini Architects
Production: PI.MAR, Climax Italy, Hikari, Idrobase Group
Materials: Lecce stone

Gothic Reimagined.Gothic Reimagined: through the Lens of AI: The work is the result of a research about the use of Artificial Intelligence within design processes. The goal is to produce a reinterpretation of Gothic architecture forms and language.
Design: Dustin White with Christopher Pope
Production: Concr3de
Materials: 3D printing of limestone powder

Stone on Stone / Digital stereotomy.Stone on Stone / Digital stereotomy
Design: Fayuan Wang
Production: Carl Picard Natursteinwerk in Kaiserslautern
Materials: Red sandstone and wood

The Plus Theatre 2022: other projects

* “Visionary Stone“ by industry designer Raffaello Galiotto
* “Etica_Litica“ (Ethic in Stone) curated by ADI Veneto & Trentino Alto Adige Delegation
* “Brand & Stone 4.0“ conceived and curated by Danilo Di Michele
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