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Massive building with small blocks of stone: in Lyon, the architects of the Gilles Perraudin studio have built a FabLab to promote young craftsmen

One of the goals of the client, a master carpenter, was to give more value to the natural materials of wood and stone

In the Italian village of Pieve Fissiraga, a street game commemorates the violence in the 2004 School Siege in the North Ossetian town of Beslan

The children of the preschool and elementary school were involved in the design of the stone tiles

At the 2021 French Prize for Architecture with Natural Stone, buildings in solid construction were awarded

The construction method with small stone blocks is well known in France and is becoming increasingly popular in times of sustainable architecture

Refurbished in the Serenissima’s splendor: Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani in Venice

Studio Marco Piva did the interior design, Concreta company led the construction works

“Gothenburg floor“ as a trademark for the redesign of a shopping center in the Swedish city

Architectural firm Sweco and sculptor Pål Svensson intersperse the granite slabs with spread brass strips containing civic data

Best of 2021: Architecture with natural stone

Die Redaktion von hat diejenigen 5 Berichte zusammengestellt, die im vergangenen Jahr am häufigsten angeklickt wurden

The New Era Coffee & Bar in Schwabing aims to bring together the modern image of the new coffee brand and the lifestyle in an artists’ quarter

The interior designers of the Ippolito Fleitz Group have also used natural stone for this purpose, but only as a special accent in the design

The façade of the Argenta Bank on Belgiëlei in Antwerp blends unobtrusively with the adjacent residential buildings

The architects from Emmanuel Lenders & Partners have given the entrance to the new “campus“ of the financial company a nevertheless striking street frontage

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