Markets: Personalized and convertible gravestones

(April 2009) Germany has turned its back on conventional gravestones

Markets: 3-D-tool for sale

(April 2009) Italian-Brazilian firm furbishes virtual rooms with stone

Design: Gold and Silver for the Background

(April 2009) US company produces exclusive tiles made of marble, limestone and precious metals

Architecture: Playing with the raw block

(April 2009) French planer designs a wall of contrasts with alternating lines and light

Architecture: Cherry Blossoms along the way

(April 2009) Transfiguration of a former Madrid high street by means of mosaic cobblestones

Art: It’s all heads

(April 2009) German sculptor lends a face to stone finds


(April 2009) In many European countries the European Minerals Day will be taking place from Mai 15th to 17th

Markets: Good turnover despite financial crisis

(March 2009) The great majority of exhibitors at the Vitória trade fair were satisfied with turnover

Design: Nature’s mosaic

(March 2009) Designer reproduces patterns of her surroundings in tesserae hand-made in the USA

Design: Vase with a difference

(March 2009) Japanese designers conceive flower receptacle made of marble or granite

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