The Pope as a column-snatcher

Many-a-tale is told about natural stone used in building the Chigi-Chapel of Siena Cathedral

Markets: Damaged Terrazzo – a golden opportunity for the stone branch

(January 2009) Tombstones in Poland originating from the communist era are showing signs of decay

Design: A Table for the Whole Evening

(January 2009) German manufacturers develop kitchen furniture for sitting around and cooking

Architecture: Mediterranean siding on the Baltic Coast

(January 2009) Siding details inspired from French and Italian objects are implemented in the „Seaside Resort” of St. Petersburg

Markets: Guitar-Building in the Stone-Age

(January 2009) German product-developer uses stone and carbon fiber for guitars. Granite and Marble-bodied electric guitars emanate from the USA

Stone Stories: Sounds of Stones

(January 2009) Stones are by no way mute, as one may think. We found a lot of evidence in the internet

Markets: The Emirates project 6 % growth in the building industry

(January 2009) More than 3200 companies from 53 countries are exhibiting their goods and services at Big 5 trade fair 2008 in Dubai


(January 2009) An unusual mineral exhibit was opened in Germany in the state of Saxony

Markets: artistic advertising messages

(December 2009) Sculptors’ symposia are an ideal instrument for the propagation and presentation of regional natural stone

Design: Kaleidoscope in the kiln

(December 2008) Turkish artist gives unusual colours to diabase by means of heat and glazes

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