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Greece makes its natural stones digitally accessible in the “Greek Marble Atlas“

The interactive map gives the names of the varieties according to the EN 122440 standard and provides technical data in addition to descriptions

Brazil held above the US$1 billion mark in natural stone exports in 2022, but suffered losses of -4%, Centrorochas says

The current marketing initiative is about additional target countries and more value-added products

Good news about the Protected Geographical Indications (GI) also for natural stone: the procedure has taken the next hurdle

The Council of Ministers has approved the bill and wants only minor changes, e.g. that the award procedure be less expensive for applicants

Replica of the famous Indian Sanchi Gate in Berlin in a combination use of 3D scanning, CNC technology and craftsmanship

The sandstone artwork next to the new Berlin Palace is another example of new technology-based business for the stone sector

Women prefer to buy from women, researchers have found

This finding from the arts and crafts sector is also relevant to the stone sector / Report from Poland on women in stone companies there

Peter’s Corner: some thoughts on 2023 and what lies ahead for the stone sector

As in “normal“ years, more marketing must be undertaken, and private households should be “infiltrated“ with product design

Options for natural stone pavings: the sporting effect of walking could be enhanced by an “active landscape design“

It is about balancing beams and stepping stones with handrails giving the feeling of security

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