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Design: Industrial form and natural material in balance

(September 2012) A book describes the works of product designer Raffaello Galiotto for Lithos Design Company

Design: Bringing the outside in

(September 2012) Chinese designers emulate a natural landscape in stone and synthetic material in a high-rise apartment complex

Design: Let there be light… or power

(August 2012) Italian company developed synthetic stones that double as lights or solar cells

Design: stone tables as contrast to excitement and ephemerality

(July 2012) Italian-based Marsotto Edizioni introduces its new everyday products

Design: Kaleidoscope of colors in stone

(July 2012) Brazilian company produces multi-colored stone based on marble, granite and other types of stone

Design: Ideas for everyday products in natural stone

(July 2012) Whereas many of the natural-stone design-products shown at Verona’s Marmomacc are, in truth, works of art, Milan’s furniture trade fair exhibits true product-design pieces

Design: „Stone Drapes“

(June 2012) At the international furniture trade fair in Milan a number of new design ideas for natural stone and engineered stone were on exhibit

Design: Stitching in marble-mosaic

(May 2012) Tiles in combination with stone, metal and mother-of-pearl by China-based Heda Marble & Mosaics Company

Design: „Boiseries“ (wood inlays) in stone

(May 2012) Italian company livens up wall cladding in natural stone

New markets for the natural stone industry: product design (2)

(April 2012) Shanghai’s STONETECH trade fair (April 25th – 28th 2012) will analyze the future markets for household objects made of natural stone

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