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Design: Material und function to the foreground

(April 2012) German-based Draenert Company introduces a minimalist side table

Design: Brazil’s modernism in wall and flooring tiles

(April 2012) Mosarte introduces a tile collection named after 20th century buildings particularly mainly from Brasília and Rio

Design: Natural stone – epidermal luxury for house and body

(March 2012) Brazilian Brasigran Company produces jewellery made of exotic granite, gold and precious stone

A new market for the stone industry: product design (1)

(March 2012) Shanghai’s STONETECH (April 25th – 28th) shows how every-day objects can be produced from natural stone

Design: The passing of time materialized in stone

(March 2012) Italian architect develops sundials suitable for public places and private gardens

Design: Newsprint in stone

(March 2012) Italian company develops a laser etching method for stone surfaces

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Premium level in processing and in natural stones

(March 2012) JUMA, German specialist for Jura-marble, places high value on quality for ambitious projects and private orders alike

Design: always good for surprises

(February 2012) Egyptian-based Hazem Shoukry Designs successful with innovative stone ideas

Design: Stone – the verve on the Piazza

(February 2012) Rimini’s recent trade fair showed a project to furnish outdoor-plazas with the declared aim of reviving street-life

Design: Shining eyes in Marble

(January 2012) Italian developers light up natural stone with LEDs

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