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Design: Mosaics with timeless elegance

(December 2012) Italian Ravenna-based Sicis Company celebrates its 25th anniversary

Design: „As ductile as marble“

(November 2012) In a project at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano students designed household products in marble and wood

Design: Uneven texture a decorative virtue

(November 2012) Indian company produces natural stone designer tiles for interior design

Design: 20 Stone modules with 3 steel girths

(November 2012) The „Stone Gate“ circle was this year’s attraction at Marmomacc. „Homo Faber“ video installation presented stone magnificently

Design: Crystals growing, alpine views and amusing animals

(November 2012) At Marmomacc Meets Design, Italian Companies showed new ideas for Natural stone in cooperation with designers. The theme was sustainability

Design: Geometry meets gastronomy

(October 2012) Marble cooking utensils by young Italian designers / Menus and place-cards in stone from Austria

Design: Bicycle stands, hotplates and drinking fountains

(October 2012) Turkish students and new-hires design household products in stone for a design competition and hope to conquer new markets

Design: Let neither man nor animal thurst

(September 2012) Two new drinking fountains in metal and stone have been added to the numerous ones already installed in London’s Royal Parks

Latest news: What the stone can and what it can’t

(September 2012) Lecture at Marmomacc: How product design with stone can be a success and how it can do a free PR-work for the whole stone industry

Design: building a turret by the way

(September 2012) Italian designer creates marble building blocks for creative play

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