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Remnants of amethyst, jasper, agate, and quartz for light sources

Alfonso Martinez Brianza, product designer from Uruguay, finds uses for residues of semi-precious stones

Designer Francesco Faccin for the company Bufalini: lava stone fire bowls

Faccin: “The object documents the relationship between man, stone and fire, and his ability to tame and shape both“

“Marmomac Meets Academies“ 2023 (September 26 – 29): Innovative ideas for stone application in architecture and product design

Professor Giuseppe Fallacara (Polytecnico di Bari) has curated the exhibition of prototypes designed by international students and research groups

A “climate bench“ in Paris brings the cool air from the vaults under the city to the surface for ventilation

“Air des Carrières“ (air from the quarries) is the name of the project that aims to alleviate the summer heat in the city at certain points

Marmomac 2023: Cladding in natural stone that plays with surfaces, shapes, and tiles in the 3rd dimension

The Plus Theatre in the fair’s Hall 10 is about new possibilities of design with stone

“Stone Infinite“ at Xiamen Stone Fair 2023: the exhibition documented successful product design with natural stone

From the presentation of over 100 objects worldwide, we show 13 by Chinese designers

“Herbarium Mirabile“ at Marmomac 2023 (September 26 – 29) celebrates technology applied to natural stone

In Pavilion 10, Raffaello Galiotto goes far beyond traditional sculpting

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