Architecture: Stone „curtains“

(October 2009) The facade of the University of Fine Arts in Versailles stirs curiosity for what might be going on behind it

Architecture: Building in and on cliffs

(October 2009) Examples of spectacular cliff-hanger homes in Peru, Mexico and Switzerland

Design: Tropical Marble

(October 2009) Brazilian Company Michelangelo Mármores e Granitos presents natural stone from South America

Architecture: Decorative ornaments for facades

(October 2009) The „Wallcladding Concept” offers a wide array of design possibilities for landlords and architects alike

Art: Margheritas Marble Girdle

(October 2009) Italian artist captures warmth, tenderness, fragility and sensitivity in stone


(October 2009) Opportunities for the natural stone industry could lie in the „Incheon Free Economic Zone“ in South-Korea

Markets: How to find ideas for new products

(September 2009) Sometimes innovative ideas emerge from misappropriation of products by customers or are the result of the producers’ hidden potential

Markets: Stone-Sandwich load-bearing walls

(September 2009) Thin stone waffles combined with carbon fibre and insulation could revolutionize building

Markets: Building boom in the Land of Cedars

(September 2009) Lebanon is investing and carrying out reparations of war damage

Pentagon Memorial: 9/11 without Heroism

(September 2009) The memorial commemorating the airplane attack of the Pentagon celebrates shock and the enormity of the event

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