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Atelier Alain Ellouz: golden images of wild grass engraved in translucent alabaster

„The goldsmith of alabaster and rock crystal“ has given a special design to Chaumet’s jewelry boutique in Paris

Stereotomy: constructing stone arches in such a way that each block interlocks with the adjoining element

At the University of Sydney, new shapes are being developed / Work hidden from view will be carried out by robots

At the Linghsan Brahma Palace China’s natural stone branch demonstrated the dimensions in which it can work

The stupendous complex includes granite ornaments on façades and artistic marble work on the interior

Casa Elvira by Pepa Díaz: The table – a central point of focus for Iberian homes and family

The architect sets people and surroundings in the center of her Puerto Lumbreras home in Southern Spain

Architecture Biennale in Venice: „The Vatican Chapels“

One could interpret the work of Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura as a critical rendering of the Holy See in stone

A giant multi-layered lattice dome-shaped Mashrabiya spans across the Louvre Abu Dhabi

Architect Jean Nouvel lets a flood of dappled light rain down on the Museum’s interior / Pietra di Luserna covers the floor

Shoebaloo flagship store in Amsterdam: a shop without windows, but with a spectacular entrance in natural stone

Dutch MVSA Architects created a place aimed to give the customer an experience of the products

Cave di Arzo: a defunct stone manufacture showing the true beauty of local marble

In the Swiss Canton of Tessino, an old production site was given a new lease on life for leisure and tourism

Refurbishment and new cladding for the former distillery in Cagliari: „perfectly white“ with ceramic tiles

Architects chose Laminam’s „Bianco Assoluto“ / The company also has a Nero Assoluto

Apple’s new store in Macau’s Gamers’ Paradise: an „inviting, contemplative space“

Foster + Partners, Architects, implemented ultrathin natural stone in a glass-sandwich, transforming the building into a Chinese lantern