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How the competitors of the stone sector do the marketing: Object Carpet, manufacturer of carpets and rugs, designs its restaurant with collages of different materials

The architects of the Ippolito Fleitz Group have designed the meeting place in the new business center of the German brand

Eisenhower Memorial in Washington D.C. with stainless steel tapestry and bas-reliefs in stone

After many years of discussions about architect Frank Gehry’s design, the site at the Mall was inaugurated in September 2020

Ecological building with natural stone and wood: Extension of a retirement home in France by Studiolada Architectes

The planners placed stone slabs in front of a wall of timber framework and used only materials from the region

Building quickly and cost-effectively: edifices made entirely of small blocks of natural stone are popular in France

In a small village in the Vosges mountains, a visitor center was built entirely of sandstone and wood

Lucien Arkas Art Gallery not far from Izmir: despite natural stone not a monolith, but an open building

The architects of Artı3 Mimarlık wanted to respect the residential buildings and the natural landscape around them

Penthouse on Spain’s Costa del Sol: The stairs and a wall as “sculptural elements” to divide the space

The designers of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos have made the marble optically very light and avoid monoliths dominating the picture

In the case of the new type of wooden bridge by Aachen University of Applied Sciences, the stone slabs on the carriageway also provide rain protection for the load-bearing beams

The construction thus achieves a long service life and, due to the natural building materials, the best CO2 results

At the Grande Arche de la Défense in Paris, Carrara marble façade panels were replaced with Bethel White granite from the US

It was a great luck for the worldwide stone sector that after the damage to the stone this building icon was not lost to other façade materials

The town hall square in Umeå, Sweden, is a hub for pedestrian traffic and invites passers-by to pause and explore with nature attractions

Landscape architect Professor Thorbjörn Andersson brings the seasons into the city with deciduous trees and spreads a natural stone mosaic pavement on the ground

Swedish textile patterns as mosaic pavement on the Hagatorget in Karlstad

A former roundabout for the cars has been turned into a place for the citizens, which gives them a bit of a feeling of home

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