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A reception counter like a massive stone block that can be extended to form a long table

Designer Davide Vercelli has played with the limestone Pietra Piasentina from northern Italy for the company Julia Marmi

French company Ateliers Zelij launches a new collection with stone and terrazzo

Designer Samir Mazer with origin in Morocco plays with geometric shapes and combines
this time stone, marble and full-mass terrazzo from Portugal

Riluc is a Portuguese manufacturer of design furniture, sometimes using natural stone

The company comes from the metalworking industry and focuses on stainless steel with various coatings

Best product design: Lundhs from Norway makes bookends from Norwegian Larvikite

At last, a design appropriate to the material: the weight of the objects guarantees the desired function, the appearance underlines the great age and naturalness of the stone

“Marble Patterns” by Del Savio 1910: a beautiful game with simple geometric shapes, different colors, marble and terrazzo

The family business brings together geometric elements of stone and fills the spaces between them with cement mass

Is the table lamp “Kryptal” a volcano that serves as a launch pad for a rocket?

Die Designer von CTRLZAK wollen beim Kunden über die reine Benutzung des Objekts hinaus Assoziationen in Gang setzen

The US-Taiwanese company Mikol uses thin stone to produce accessories for the special marble lifestyle

The products range from protective cases for the iPhone and minimalist wallets to air purifiers, wall pictures and cards for poker games

Cattelan Italia: glass with the appearance of onyx or marble for table tops or furniture

The furnishing industry goes beyond the pure imitation of natural stone and has its designers create new “rocks” by hand

Dellostudio: dancing vases for dried plants

The designers Oscar Piccolo und Charlotte Taylor have created decorative everyday objects for the Italian company Mondo Marmo Design

“Spirit” by Schullin Company is a lunar crescent made of onyx which carries a secret message

The Austrian jewellery manufacturer has taken up the sentence “Protect me from what I want” by the artist Jenny Holz

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