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The human chromosome 22 on wall tiles in Pietra Piasentina limestone

Julia Marmi together with architects at Spangnulo and Partners have developed a decoration with philosophical meaning

Friulmosaic: Mosaic art with geometric shapes

Italian company takes up on modern influence and the ancient art of Tesserae

Longhi has outfitted the business lounge at the new International Airport of Muscat with stone furniture

Marble is one of the materials / The design of one of the tables refers to traditional „Mashrabiyas”

Modern mosaics made of natural stone and special mirrors

Italian Antique Mirror Company lends many-facetetted means of expression to its glass

„Functional sculptures“ is a small but exclusive market for natural stone

The objects which are hermaphrodites: part art and part product design, are both aesthetically pleasing and, at least to a certain degree, useful

Handvärk from Denmark: dining table with Italian marble top on a slender steel frame

The company creates furniture that will last a lifetime with materials that will only become more beautiful over time

Brazilian designer Ludson Zampirolli and Gramizini Company: blocks of raw marble as „Truffles“

The marketing concept is compelling: create an analogy to a luxurious lifestyle / The designer’s role as a „Truffle hound“

100% Swiss: quartz mantle clocks in the shape of Mounts Matterhorn, Eiger, and Titlis made of Calanca Gneiss or Cristalina Marble and wood

Startup enterprise Seven Elements introduces the Alps to the living room of Helvetians and aficionados

Bookshelf „Mondrian” by Arte nel Design: unique, exclusive and fully customizable according to the client’s ideas

The Italian company combines natural stones like Onyx or black marble with various other materials and sculptures

Simon Chéreau combines craftsmanship as a cabinet maker with design in wood and stone

He creates and builds „simple, authentic objects adapted to their use“

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