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The Swiss designer Isabell Gatzen takes echoes from the famous graphic artist M.C. Escher for some of her furniture pieces

The contrast between form and the material marble gives her works a down-to-earth flair, even if some of the pieces reflect unusual ideas

The Turkish natural stone associations have been doing everything right in their design competitions lately

The right thing done by IMIB in 2020 was not to award a prize in the category of professional designers, but only honorable mentions

Animum Ludendo Coles: bouncy games for streets and squares that make the public space livable for children and parents

The designers make use of the hardness and durability of natural stone for their products

Terrazzo is also turning to product design and three-dimensional uses

At the Surface Design Show in London in February 2020, the designers of Mizzi Studio presented a “Terrazzo Garden“ commissioned by the companies Vicalvi and Halmann Vella

Sturgeon stones weighing tons create habitats for animals and plants in the riverbed of the Wupper in Germany

Elephant Tuffi, beaver Bonny and salmon Lucky made by sculptors are intended to slow down the flow of the watercourse and be points of attraction for people

Best of 2020: product design with natural stone

The editors of have compiled the 5 reports that got the most clicks during last year. We show them in the order in which they appeared

Budri and Patricia Urquiola apply natural stone to Valextra luxury handbags

Stone varieties with strong colors were worked down to a wafer-thin thickness and used for the handles and clasps

The Swedish Stone Association (Sveriges Stenindustriförbund) holds a competition in product design with students from Malmö University

The aim is to discover new markets and to “show that really everything can be made of stone,” says the chairman of the organization

Emmanuel Babled: Exceptional shapes for furniture in which natural stone plays an important role

The Portuguese designer combines striking design ideas with the art of the craftsmen / Available only as Limited Edition

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