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First competition for natural stone design in Sweden: how to sell even the leftover pieces from production

The federation as initiator had kept the students from pompous ideas, which are not marketable

Winners announced of the 15th Cosentino Design Challenge meant to promote the Spanish group’s engineered stones among young architects and designers

The contest in cooperation with 32 schools and/or universities had 309 entries from European, American and Asian students

Roman stonemasonry at its finest: a villa in the ancient cosmopolitan city of Ephesos displayed marble on its walls up to a height of 6 m

Geoarchaeology Professor Cees Passchier of the University of Mainz, Germany, together with colleagues, has reconstructed the decoration and made some surprising discoveries

Why the Roman stonemasons changed the order of the slabs in the marble bookmatch in a villa in Ephesus

Research by geoarchaeology Professor Cees Passchier of the University of Mainz, Germany, together with colleagues

Product design with natural stone (2): the properties of the stone must support the functionality of the everyday object

Weight, hardness, durability and beauty are just some of the special features that distinguish the material and that the designer can use

The textile “MARM \ MORE“ with marble powder is now also used as a cover for an armchair of Bentley Home luxury furniture

The waste material from natural stone production contributes to the properties and color of the innovative material

Budri and Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer: “Pantheon“ collection of 4 tables inspired by the flooring in the ancient basilica in Rome

The way the inlays are inserted into the tabletops is an homage to the mastery of Italian marble craftsmen

Pierre De Valck: Cabinets and more with lapis lazuli, jasper as well as petrified wood as special accents

The Belgian designer combines the ancient gemstones with the modern material aluminum

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