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Evergreen of stone design: „Alzabile“ floor lamp by Ignazio Gardella from 1948

The base of the famous object for everyday usage was made of marble / Available in new metal versions from Italian Tato Lighting company

Application open until October 08, 2019 for the „Talente“ (talents) competition at the Munich International Skilled Trades Fair next year

Craftspeople until their mid-thirties may enter with special works in design or technology respectively

Table „Icon“ by designer Giorgio Soressi for Italian company Costantini Pietro

Calacatta Gold marble or wood respectively for the table top and base made of stainless steel or lacquered metal

A 1.5 t marble table 3.1 m in diameter travels from Lake Constance in Germany to California

Draenert Company was commissioned to construct and deliver an XXL version of its rotating table „Tadao“ to the USA

„Crystalart Finish“ by Cattelan company makes glass tabletops look a bit like onyx or marble

The Italian company uses a printing technique which allows a large variety of colors and structures

Craftspeople from all over the world may apply for the „Loewe Foundation Craft Prize“

The award worth 50,000 € for the winner and an exhibition for the finalists shall „celebrate excellence in craftsmanship“

Stonethica takes old ideas for use of marble remnants one step further

Laminated slabs can be used by architects in construction projects to obtain optimal sustainability results

Antoniolupi and designer Paolo Ulian: „Plissè“ washbasin inspired by marble surfaces but made of artificial stone

Flumood is a new material composed of aluminum hydroxide and synthetic resins with low styrene content

Interior designer Elisabetta de Strobel presents the lamp „Deep Red“ made of Verona Red marble

The petrographically: ammonite limestone had been used in many famous buildings in the North Italian stone city

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