After the assassination of Caesar, a volcanic eruption in Alaska caused a worldwide weather anomaly which contributed to the end of the Roman Republic

For a few years, there were crop failures, famine, and disease exacerbating social unrest and around the Mediterranean

The Digital Stone Project (DSP) teaches artists the basics of creating new types of stone sculptures with the help of CNC machines

For the seventh time the initiative around sculptor Jon Isherwood together with Garfagnana Innovazione has organized a four-week „Digital Stone Carving Residency”

It was a rapid climate extreme that brought down Niniveh, once the biggest city in the world

An abrupt 60-year megadrought weakened the Assyrian state so much that its capital could be overrun by Babylonians and Medes who could rely on irrigation

With „Collapse” Moreno Ratti creates marble vases with a „touch of humor”

The weight of the stone is indicated by the shape of the glass, the stone itself imitates brass weights from old merchant’s shops

Freedonia market research: the US market for „Outdoor Living Products” will grow 4% to $9.9 billion in 2020

Above all equipment for cooking, barbequeing, lighting etc. was examined, but great opportunities for the natural stone industry can also be identified

Using the immaterial cultural property (stonemasonry know-how) to preserve the material cultural assets (stone ruins)

The German Archaeological Institute runs two projects not far from the Sea of Galilee in Umm Qays in Jordan

China’s economy is slowly recovering: at least in imports there was an increase of (+)2.4% in March 2020 compared to the previous year

The government wants to bring production back on track and temporarily eases customs clearance


On April 15, 2020, the fire disaster almost destroyed Notre-Dame in Paris. In a detailed article, Science magazine has gathered expert information on the cathedral’s limestone

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