A reception counter like a massive stone block that can be extended to form a long table

Designer Davide Vercelli has played with the limestone Pietra Piasentina from northern Italy for the company Julia Marmi

Massimo Potenza is Biesse Group’s new Co-CEO to guide the process of transformation and evolution that the company has been undergoing

The aim is to respond to the permanent global changes with a flexible and resilient staff “in a proactive way”

Over 100,000 years ago, fertile loess from the Negev helped the early humans on their way from Africa to Eurasia with the “land of milk and honey” in the Levant

Dr. Rivka Amit from the Geological Survey of Israel found that dust deposition by desert winds played a critical role in forming thick or thin soils around the Eastern Mediterranean

The USA continues to be the richest country in the world and its citizens hold almost one third of the world’s wealth

New World Wealth’s market researchers, together with Webster Pacific, have conducted a new study to find out where the rich and super-rich there prefer to live

The peaks of the so-called stone forests were formed by natural dissolution of the rocks in the water and related currents

Scientists from New York University simulated the chemical and mechanical processes

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

The famous World Ocean Floor Panorama, published in 1977, was based on Marie Tharp’s (1920-2006) work in global seabed mapping

Peter’s Corner: Italy’s natural stone exports declined by (-)5.3% in 2019 after value for the 4th year in succession and that is also the repercussion of persistent marketing failures

The country’s stone sector presents itself with Haute Couture alone – the Prêt-à-Porter is completely missing and left over to the competitors

In the US, private demand for natural stone seems to have increased in the last months

In its newsletter, the Natural Stone Institute (NSI) states that “the average homeowner has decided to put their money to work in their own backyard”

French company Ateliers Zelij launches a new collection with stone and terrazzo

Designer Samir Mazer with origin in Morocco plays with geometric shapes and combines
this time stone, marble and full-mass terrazzo from Portugal

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