Purchasing power of Europeans increased to €17,688 per capita in 2023

The biggest winner of the year was Ireland, while Norway, Germany, and the UK fell a slightly

Nature’s grandeur enhances the interior design of a chalet between heaven and earth in the Eastern Alps

Italian Antolini company provided the stone for the interior design

The 11th edition of the Turkish IMIB Association’s design competition once again attracted interesting submissions

The aim is to create saleable objects and thus add significant value to local stone on the global markets

The Tuwaiq Sculpture Symposium in the Saudi capital Riyadh is unique in the world in many ways

From January 14 to February 08, 2024, a total of 30 participants from all over the world created their monumental works

Miscellaneous: news all around ornamental stone and rock

National Geographic reports about new forms of burial: human composting, alkaline hydrolysis, and coffins with mushroom spores

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