Gabion walls for the reception building of Parque Metropolitano Sur not far from Santiago de Chile

The building refers to a sanctuary from the time of the Incas on the nearby mountains

Deep sea sediments are full of unicellular organisms that utilize the „rain” of nutrients from above

In a thimble full of sea floor mud there are about 120 million cells of Woeseiales bacteria

Sibylle Pasche brings the viewer of her marble sculptures to intellectual games

With her works, the Swiss artist depicts „the primal symbols of nature and their processes of change”, as she herself says

Germany has a „Rock of the Year“ and with some success

The aim is to make citizens aware of the importance of geology and these natural resources

The shape of mountain and valley is developed in a complex interplay of climate and vegetation

A research team from the University of Tübingen examined the role of vegetation, precipitation and soil erosion

Entirely novel idea: Danish design studio Handvärk assembles table-tops from large marble tiles

There are more than unusual design possibilities for the user / target group are not the rich

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