Sculptors and other artists may apply (until July 31, 2021) for residence scholarships of Künstlerhaus Lukas in Ahrenshoop, Northern Germany

Open for artists residing in Germany, in the countries around the Baltic Sea as well as in Norway, Iceland and the UK

Rugo Stone receives 2020 Grande Pinnacle Award for their work on the Trinity Church Wall Street Altar & Chancel Restoration

The almost 175 years old house of worship received complete conservation and restoration of the Gothic Revival chancel and the historic Astor memorial altar

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

A gabion with the number 1833 is one of the stops in the Battery Point Sculpture Trail in the city of Hobart, Australia. It is an easy stroll through the city’s history

DK House by Rab architects: a monolith with travertine cladding as a “critical tribute“ to traditional building methods in Lebanon

At the listed site of Deir el Qamar, the planners have placed a modern building with distant views and openness to the landscape

Call for entries (until August 31, 2021): exhibition and award for artworks dealing with the impact of technologies on today’s art

International applicants shall present works in which the culture-forming role of modern tools and machines plays a central role

Budri and Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer: “Pantheon“ collection of 4 tables inspired by the flooring in the ancient basilica in Rome

The way the inlays are inserted into the tabletops is an homage to the mastery of Italian marble craftsmen

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