Drystone walls are Arabia’s megalithic monuments

The recently discovered monumental structures still hold many secrets in their construction, function, and chronology

“Piscina Monolitica”: a bath fountain in steep terrain in Niederuzwil in Switzerland

The company Alfredo Polti made the massive object from a piece of rock of Calanca gneiss

Despite wind and weather – the Swiss Alps continue to rise

Scientists from the Univerity of Bern have found that in the Central Alps the positive difference between uplift and erosion is as much as 800 mm in a thousand years

Sculptress Simona de Lorenzo: large forms as a means of multiple communication

For the artist from Italy, contrasts are an important part of our world and human existence

Key themes of BAU ONLINE congress in Munich will be digitalization, climate change, resources & recycling and Homes and furniture

From January 13 to 15, 2021, the impact of the corona pandemic on architecture and the construction industry will also be examined

Dr. Carlo Montani: 56% of global stone production comes from quarries in Asia (including Turkey)

After years of growth, the Statistics Yearbook records a slowdown in both extraction and global trade for the first time in 2019

Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

A mysterious triangle metal pilar installed in the ground was discovered during a count of bighorn sheep in a small canyon in Red Rock County, Utah

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