A granite paving like an “Albanian carpet“ for the redesign of the shore in the village of Shiroka

The architects of the firm Casanova+Hernandez have made the area tangible as a unit with a mosaic in the style of local textile art

The mighty sarsen stones in the ring of Stonehenge are built of a nearly indestructible sandstone

The material has 99.7% quartz with crystals in an extremely dense lattice

Combined use of 3D scanning and CNC: for sculptors and natural stone companies, opportunities open up for new products and novel works of art

Examples from Italy, Spain and Germany show how the creatively inclined are already taking advantage of the great opportunities offered by modern technologies

Last call for those coming late: Registration needed for entering Turkey e.g., to go to Izmir fair

The form on the webpage of Turkey’s health ministry must be filled in at least 72 hours before travel

The companies in Sweden’s natural stone association are committed to climate-neutral operations by 2029

A “roadmap“ names fields of action and outlines the potential also for modernization and public relations work

Carpenters from the US reconstruct a roof truss from Notre Dame “as a (symbolic) gift to France“

Experienced craftsmen from all over the country come together in Washington DC using materials and methods of medieval church builders

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