China’s economy is slowly recovering: at least in imports there was an increase of (+)2.4% in March 2020 compared to the previous year

The government wants to bring production back on track and temporarily eases customs clearance

Application open for the 20th International Prokonessos Sculpture Symposium on Marmara Island

6 artists from all over the world will carve 3 m³ of local white marble / Deadline for application is June 19, 2020


On April 15, 2020, the fire disaster almost destroyed Notre-Dame in Paris. In a detailed article, Science magazine has gathered expert information on the cathedral’s limestone

Corporate Architecture with natural stone for the winery Maison Delas Frères

The architects of the office Carl Fredrik Svenstedt have placed a striking building facade like a theatre curtain in a small Rhône town

Earthquakes generate a small but immediate change in gravity which can be measured before the destructive waves arrive somewhere else

The case is difficult as the quake also changes the density of the rocks for a short time so that the gravity oscillates to some extent in sync with the shock

Open Call: Ostrale-Biennale „O21“ from July 01 to October 03, 2021 in Dresden invites artists to submit at maximum 5 works

Theme is the role of art in times when economic growth is no longer a sustainable vision for our future / Deadline for entries is June 28, 2020

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