The city of Angoulème has now erected a menhir for Albert Uderzo on the forecourt of its train station, in addition to the obelisk for René Goscinny

In five weeks the two sculptors Morgane Cabusa and François Desforges created the menhir from a rough block of about 14 tons

The monoliths in southern Ethiopia are 1000 years older than previously thought

The sometimes phallus-shaped more then 10,000 standing stones nevertheless do not date from the Stone Age but were erected in the first century A.D.

Gerard Kuijpers’ art objects focus on the materials rather than the shapes of the objects

The Belgian artist gives stone, steel, glass, and wood functions that are not normally known from them

For the new altar of the Hedwiskathedrale in Berlin, the faithful of the diocese can contribute small stones

The artist Leo Zogmayer wants to create a massive semicircle from them and symbolically bind the community together in its diversity

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