Markets: Refuse for road-pavement

(December 2008) Brazilian project proves the viability of slate for road pavement

Stone Stories: Eggs and curd for mortar

(December 2008) Scientists confirm that the Charles Bridge in Prague was built with the help of food as bonding material

Markets: Healthy growth for the branch world-wide

(December 2008) Once again Carlo Montani presented his twelve-month statistical almanac „Stone“ at this years’ trade fair in Verona


(December 2008) Yellow discoloration in Oslo’s opera is seen as an indication of progressive damage to the Carrara-Marble according to a geology professor

Markets: Comparability is the aim of the CE-Mark

(November 2008) Natural stone building materials sold on the European market must carry the CE-mark

Design: Paperweight for Newspapers

(November 2008) French Stone company and daily print media use the anniversary of the ’68-Revolution

Design: Impulse by Andrea Palladio

(November 2008) Marmomacc in Verona presents design ideas whose roots lead back to renaissance architects

Architecture: Crystals on the ground

(November 2008) Berlin landscape-architect designs inner court of a building housing a mineralogical collection

Design: Mosaic Made of Glass and Stone

(November 2008) Brazilian company uses natural stone waste for their production


(November 2008) „Success beyond all expectations” was the assertion of Marmomacc’s press-release

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