Citizen solidarity in response to Covid-19: eight sculptures of applauding hands made of Macael Marble were installed in Andalusia

The works of art are a reminder of the applause that people gave professionals in hospitals, among others, in the fight against the pandemic

In the course of the current trend to upgrade homes, there are also many opportunities for natural stone in the outdoor sector

Fields of action are kitchen, barbecue, patio and porch or mashrabiyas for natural temperature regulation

The international sculpture symposium in Sprimont in Belgium 2021 will last only 5 days (August 25 – 29) and will allow only tools with muscle power

“Les Éphémères de la Pierre“ (perhaps: “Stone, only for a short time“) is the title under which 13 artists from Belgium will work in the natural stone center not far from Liège

The new opponents of marble quarrying around Carrara see themselves as fighters for the liberation of the mountains from the “yoke of the quarries“ and strike sharp tones

“Let’s give them (the mountains) a different future than the present one,“ write the campaigners of Apuane Libere on their webpage

The global shortage of building commodities such as lumber or steel is unlikely to have an impact on the natural stone sector

However, it is interesting to ask whether stone companies can perhaps come up with substitute materials for such situations

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