On our list for the time after Corona (and after Donald Trump): the Capitol in Washington, DC

In our series we plan virtual visits to objects worldwide and their natural stones

The limestone floor tiles bring the Mediterranean lifestyle to a terrace

The Spanish company Rosalstones offers its limestone Abadía Rosal with a hand-aged surface

Until February 25, 2021: Submissions open for the 4th Desert Sculpture International Symposium in Minqin, China

This year’s theme is “The Sound of Camels on the Silk Road” / The 20-30 finally selected artists do only enter a model of their work, the realization will be done by local specialist

Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

Corona masks are the latest product made of the “MARM \ MORE” material, an innnovative textile consisting of more than 50% marble powder

Residencies for people who want to work about the Mediterranean as an archive of European culture

What: residencies for creative teams (preferably 3 people) taking place for two weeks at the in Calabria, Italy, around the end of May 2021

Love, peace, and prosperity for 2021

Stone-Ideas.com wishes its readers and clients a happy and prosperous New Year

“Global Wealth Migration Review“: New Zealand could become a preferred destination for the rich and super-rich in the next 10 years

As a result of Corona, market researchers from South Africa and Afrasia Bank expect less international tourism and fewer foreign guests in luxury hotels

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