The stone fair in Xiamen is going virtual and is giving itself an online extension with the “Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair”

For the exhibitors, there will be “personalized booths” where they can present themselves 24/7 and even throughout the year / Launch on 06 June 2020

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

The Big Stone River in Taganai Park in the southern Urals in Russia is a long field of large boulders that runs through the dense forest

Submissions open (until October 30, 2020) for the 5th Lih Pao International Sculpture Biennial Awards

International sculptors younger than 50 years may enter models depicting the artist’s imagination of the future / Theme is “Infinity”

The Sculpture School in Peccia in the Swiss Ticino is ready to receive new applications for its courses in the coming months

The Corona-Crowdfunding “Helping Hands for Peccia” was an extraordinary success

In the BioProMarL project, researchers hope to give the stone surfaces new properties, modelled on the lotus effect

Experts from the Levantina company and laser scientists from Spain use laser technology to reduce dirt adhesion and improve skid resistance

Terrazzo tiles with marble inlays that could have fallen from the sky

The Italian company Mondo Marmo Design uses water jet technology to offer innovative designs for the well-known floor covering

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