Natural Stone Institute Announces 2020 Tucker Design Award Winners

Honored in the biennial competition are members of the architecture and design community who exhibit innovation and excellence in the use of natural stone / Bybee Prize

Germany’s largest ever stony meteorite identified in Blaubeuren in the South of the country

A stonemason from Swabia with his diamond saw was needed to cut the celestial body

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

US-company Grasshopper Geography edits maps in color and produces great murals, like our picture showing the big rivers of Brazil

Enhanced weathering of milled rocks could indeed remove CO2 from the atmosphere – but there are limits to the feasibility

Research shows that the procedure could only be a small contribution and would require strong pricing of greenhouse gas emissions

“Stone House” on the island of Menorca: façade with a charming contrast of external plaster and limestone

The architects of Nomo Studio wanted to integrate the building into the landscape but at the same time show that it is new

Finally: GaLaBau in Nuremberg only again in 2022, September 14 to 17

In 2020 there will also be no alternative format with virtual parts / Only the Landscape Gardeners Cup will be held on September 17 and 18

Groundbreaking ideas for architecture with natural stone: exhibition „The New Stone Age” in London re-opened until August 28, 2020

Shown are concepts from all over Europe that show the versatility and modernity of the “‘great forgotten material of our time”

At the stone fair in Vitoria the exhibition “Brazilian Stones Original Design” was shown once again

The aim of the presentation of artistic objects was to demonstrate the beauty and diversity of the country’s stones and to find new uses for the material

Restless Earth: scientists find out that the Eifel volcanic region in Germany remains seismically active

There is no danger, but measurements show an uplift and stretching in the ground / Until now it was believed that volcanism there was a thing of the past

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