With “The Henge,“ a modern stone circle moved into the Canary Wharf office complex during the London Design Festival 2022

The structure is quick and easy to erect and dismantle and is ready for subsequent use

Italian sculptor Massimiliano Pelletti creates sculptures based on classical models, from which geology and nature speak

Parts of the stone remain strikingly unworked, the rest bears a classical form

New findings show how Cyanobacteria spread biofilms on rocks to dissolve minerals as nutrition

Various application for such a technology reach from processing mining ores to building colonies on the moon and Mars

Tyresta National Park in Sweden has a landscape relief at the main entrance, carved out of the native Moheda Black diabase

The project, spanning 10 years from concept to completion, reflects the evolution of stone technology

Maarmo: radiators cast from liquified marble powder

The Italian startup has developed a technology for using waste from natural stone processing for new products without heat or pressure

Miscellaneous: news all around natural stone and rock

“Ronin“ is a back chair designed by Emil Lagoni Valbak and Frederik Werner for La Chance company from Paris

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