Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

“Accessory” is the title of Greek sculptor John Bizas‘ latest work. It is made of Belgian marble and 22k gold plated bronze buttons

Sculptors from Japan and around the world may enter work models or photos of models respectively for the 29th Biennale in the city of Ube, Japan 2022

The highest prize money is ¥ 4 million (US-$ 36,000), altogether the awards are nearly ¥ 10 million (US-$ 90,000)

Euro 2020: How international soccer championships are and have been reflected in natural stone

A granite soccer ball from Austria, a web page of the country‘s Geological Survey and a marble bathtub from Germany

Stone+tec gets a new organizer, but will stay at the exhibition center in Nuremberg

AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH will manage the next edition, but the date has not yet been published

Spanish Rosal Stones had a life cycle assessment drawn up for its Albamiel limestone and thus landed a hefty order in Paris, 1000 km away

The example shows that investments in product data are worthwhile and that natural stone does not lose its sustainability even when transported over medium distances

After 16 years of renovation, La Samaritaine in Paris can once again be experienced as a temple of consumerism

The facades facing the Seine are striking, with magnificent natural stone decor in Art Nouveau echoing the Second Empire and Baron Haussmann

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