Water from pores or cracks in bedrock is much more used by trees than previously known

For those plants, the rock is a regular source of moisture, not only an emergency reserve during droughts

The campaign “It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone“ is intended to open up new markets, especially for the country’s quartzites

One way to achieve this is to use the funds of the state export promotion also for more professionalism in the companies

An Exhibition in West Yorkshire, UK, presents an in-depth view of Barbara Hepworth’s life, interests, work and legacy

The artist (1903-1975) strongly influenced sculpture with her development of a new aesthetic sensibility

“Architexture“ by Budri and Patricia Urquiola: tables that echo the façades of Renaissance churches

The tabletop is made entirely of glass and is practically invisible, but the legs are eye-catching

India ranks 11th in the world as a sales market for luxury products, with sales of around US$15 billion in 2021

World Wealth Report market researchers assess the strength of a country’s economy by the potential for the rich and super-rich, not by the usual numbers

Hot for stone designers: Feeel Design World Prize for lasting products made of natural materials (submissions until November 14, 2021)

No prize money for the winners but the realization of a prototype and a contract for production

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