Stone+tec Architecture Congress in Nuremberg: building environmentally conscious with natural stone as a load-bearing material

Experts will show examples from Europe of the ecological (and aesthetic) strengths of solid stone walls

In search of the lost stone: Orianne Pieragnolo and Louis Dutrieux continue their expedition through Eurasia

The two stonemasons from France explore the culture of their craft in the distance by bicycle

“Goddesses and Consorts. Women in Ancient Myth“ until March 15, 2025 im Alten Museum in Berlin

The famous ladies were ambiguous figures back then and only later got their current roles

11th All India Stone Architecture Awards (1): innovative ideas for houses without air condition

The prize money in each of the four categories amounts to ₹ 100,000 (equivalent to around US$ 1,200)

Maison Valentina in cooperation with Boca do Lobo: “Diamond” collection with a white bathtub in the shapes of a cut crystal as highlight

The motto is: “If there’s one room that deserves a little extra luxury, it’s the bathroom”

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