Nasa’s spacecraft OSIRIS-REx has collected dust and pebbles from the surface of asteroid Bennu, as telemetry data indicates

The celestial body is currently more than 200 million miles (321 million kilometers) away from Earth

Vase collection “Bangle” by Cristina Celestino for Budri: echoes of jewelry from the time of the Bakelite

The designer has replaced the plastic from the beginning of the 20th century by natural stone with striking colors and in different shapes and surfaces

Special edition of imm cologne 2021: shortened to 4 days, hybrid with a real trade fair and a virtual platform, but without Living Kitchen

Compact booths and the online meeting place “imm@cologne“ shall enable as much business as possible even in times of Corona

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

On October 20, 2020, Nasa’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is planed for a touch-and-go visit at near earth asteroid Bennu

Now online: volume 2 of Xiamen Cloud’s video series “Quarry Planet, Journey around the New Quarries”

Chinese stone producers are turning towards „improved safety in production and enhanced sustainability,“ the fair informs

Peter’s Corner: Marketing natural stone analogous to gold and silver as a reliable financial investment for private individuals

How can the industry give its stones the image of precious metals, which are experiencing a boom in demand as “safe havens” in times of Corona?

Eisenhower Memorial in Washington D.C. with stainless steel tapestry and bas-reliefs in stone

After many years of discussions about architect Frank Gehry’s design, the site at the Mall was inaugurated in September 2020

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