The new PetroPhysical Property Database (P3) is a register that provides information about the properties of rock strata

The new tool may help locate the right sites for hydrogen storage or thermal water deposits, for example

Emmanuel Babled: Exceptional shapes for furniture in which natural stone plays an important role

The Portuguese designer combines striking design ideas with the art of the craftsmen / Available only as Limited Edition

The Bauhüttenwesen, which is the ancient craftspeople’s tradition of cooperation and know-how sharing in construction projects, is added to the Unesco List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Still today, e.g., stonemasons working on the maintenance of cathedrals built supra-regional networks to preserve, transmit and develop techniques and knowledge

China’s robotic spacecraft Chang’e 5 returned from the moon with 2 kg of lunar dust and soil

The basaltic lunar mare material is about 1,21 billion years old, much younger than the probes from the Apollo missions with between 3.1 and 4.4 billion years

Proceedings of the congress “Monument Future – Decay and Conservation of Stone”: when the outside world harms the stone’s inner life and destroys its durability

The more than 200 lectures in short version reflect the current state of research on the preservation of important testimonies from ancient cultures worldwide

Three grants of €12,500 each for international artists working with media

From July to December 2021, the Foundation of Lower Saxony supports projects from video art and net-based projects to audio works and audio-visual installations / Application deadline: February 10, 2021

Berlin’s Humboldt Forum in the new palace in the city center is completed and can be visited virtually until its final opening

During the past years, the new building was probably the largest natural stone construction site in Europe with 9000 m³ of sandstone and limestone from Germany and Poland

Micellaneous: ideas around natural stone

Red Dholpur sandstone from Rajasthan will be the primary façade material for India’s new tringle-shaped parliament building in Delhi. Prime minister Modi has laid the foundation stone on December 09, 2020

Peter’s Corner: Recycling of leftover pieces combined with geometry offers opportunities for new tile products made of natural stone

Competitors never tire of highlighting the high proportion of recycling in their materials

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