Washington National Cathedral pays tribute to Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel with a bust on its Human Rights Porch

The house of worship sees itself as a place to pray to God, but also to engage the earth against “hatred, bigotry and anti-Semitism“

Mammoths live and fossilized animals: the new “Felsenwelt“ (rock world) in the Lucerne Glacier Garden is a journey through time

Museum and park make it possible to experience geology and the elemental forces of nature over millions of years

Marmomac 2021 (September 29 – October 02) will be shifted towards halls 6-12

New features include the online portal Marmomac Plus and talks and roundtable discussions at 3 “Corners“ on the fairground

New in our Stone Finder: travertine CREMA ANTARES from Levantina with an intense and special yellow and small natural cavities

The small natural cavities displayed by its elegant surface contribute to making it even more special

First competition for natural stone design in Sweden: how to sell even the leftover pieces from production

The federation as initiator had kept the students from pompous ideas, which are not marketable

Interesting mainly for artists from Belgium: application open for the 8th International Sculpture Symposium of Durbuy (May 5-22, 2022)

Ten artists from around the world may participate: no royalty, no assumption of travel expenses, but full board

A complex of 3 trulli in southern Italy has been rebuilt as a modern vacation home with stylish additions

An example of trulli restoration and modernization is “La Cipressa“ in Apulia, southern Italy

How crushed rocks can help capture CO2 from the atmosphere

Basalt stands out as appropriate material, as it is not only an abundant resource with a high weatherability, but also contains plant nutrients

Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

The artist Sandra Vásquez de la Horra presents volcanism and its geology in an unusual way in her work “La Tierra de Algallù“

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