Best of 2021: Architecture with natural stone

Casanova+Hernandez: granite paving like an “Albanian carpet“.

The editors of have compiled the 5 articles and reports with the most clicks during the last year. We show them in the order of publication.

(Photo above) A granite paving like an “Albanian carpet“ for the redesign of the shore in the village of Shiroka. The architects of the firm Casanova+Hernandez have made the area tangible as a unit with a mosaic in the style of local textile art

Reconstruction of the hall for representation and for guest banquets in “Hang Haus 2“ in the ancient city of Ephesos. Graphic: Ivan E. Iliev Roman stonemasonry at its finest: a villa in the ancient cosmopolitan city of Ephesos displayed marble on its walls up to a height of 6 m. Geoarchaeology Professor Cees Passchier of the University of Mainz, Germany, together with colleagues, has reconstructed the decoration and made some surprising discoveries

Rab architects: DK House.DK House by Rab architects: a monolith with travertine cladding as a “critical tribute“ to traditional building methods in Lebanon. At the listed site of Deir el Qamar, the planners have placed a modern building with distant views and openness to the landscape

PICCO Engineering: „Floating Stair“.Modern construction with natural stone: a “Floating Stair“ in a historic private home in Toronto, Canada. PICCO Engineering placed 19 solid stone steps on top of each other and pulled 3 live steel cables through them to hold them together

David Chipperfield Architects: extension for the Kunsthaus Zürich.The new extension for the Kunsthaus Zürich is clear and simple on the outside, but surprisingly diverse on the inside. David Chipperfield’s architects used a variety of natural stones on the facades and floors to create diverse references to the surroundings

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