Natural stone room dividers: design ideas that provide a limited passage through the wall for light and air

Patricia Urquiola, Budri: “Marblelace“.

We show examples from our archive, which also include movable walls

We once again got into our archives and searched for natural stone ideas on a specific topic – “room dividers“ it was this time. The numerous examples that we still had in mind or that we have now found again show once more the possibilities that design with natural stone offers.

Patricia Urquiola, Budri: “Mablelace“.An example from 2010 was the mesh “Marblelace“, created by designer Patricia Urquiola and realized by the company Budri in marble. However, difficult to install such creations.

Paolo Ulian: “Moiré“.Paolo Ulian: “Moiré“.A simpler concept of a room divider was shown by designer Paolo Ulian in 2015 with “Moiré,“ named after the pattern. The wall can be moved as a whole, and its permeability can also be varied.

Marsotto Edizioni.A similar wall is presented by Marsotto Edizioni in its showroom in Milan. Of course, a stone fabric in these dimensions is no longer movable, and is not supposed to be.

Design competition organized by the Turkish association IMIB 2015.The elements of a room divider made of stone slabs, which was designed in 2015 as part of a design competition organized by the Turkish association IMIB, cannot be moved but can be rotated.

IMIB competition round in 2021.The fact that innovations in design are always possible even with such familiar ideas was demonstrated by the designers at the competition round in 2021.

Designer Alice Schillaci at Marmomacc 2013.Also rotatable was the stone curtain Alice Schillaci presented at Marmomacc 2013: stone strips 2.80 m heigh, 10 cm wide and 6 mm thick were set at an angle and moved by a motor so that a wave seemed to run through the installation. The super-thin stone was installed on fiberglass strips.

Designers and students from the University of Ferrara 2014.Of course, it also works without movement. As part of the “Lithic Verticality“ project in 2014, young designers and students from the University of Ferrara were asked to think about the topic. And, of course, variants with perforation appeared. The project was led by university lecturers laudio Alessandri, Raffaello Galiotto, Vincenzo Pavan and Gianluca Gimini.

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Margraf: “Fence“.“Fence“ became the title of an idea within the Italian Stone Theatre at Marmomac (new notation) 2017. The design came from Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, the executing company was Margraf.

Giuseppe Fallacara, Pimar: “Hyparwall“.With “Hyparwall“ Giuseppe Fallacara, together with the stone company Pimar, had developed in 2017 special elements that can be combined to form open walls of different shapes. As a material he had used stone powder.

Mashrabiya (in India: Jali).We had already reported more frequently on so-called mashrabiyas (in India: jalis). These are inserts in windows that allow air to circulate but prevent people from looking in from outside. They can now be produced very inexpensively using Waterjet.

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