Stone Stories

Australia’s chain of continental hotspot volcanoes is a unique laboratory for researchers to investigate processes leading to eruptions all over the globe

Erosion over tens of millions of years allows scientists to understand complete sequences of lava formation

At the “Gate of the Exonerated“ at Central Park, a message is carved in stone

The name of the entrance is a reminder of a miscarriage of justice and of prejudice by the press

Notre-Dame de Paris detaches step by step from the supporting structures 4 years after the inferno

In the months since December 2022, the first vault and the substructure for the crossing tower La Flèche have been restored

Previously unknown chamber in the Cheops pyramid detected with endoscopic cameras

Previous measurements had only given an indication of the existence of a hidden cavity in the area of the so-called chevron

The so-called Heritage Stones (or Geoheritage Stones) designate varieties that have played an important role for mankind over centuries

The title is awarded by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) / Other new categories are Geological Heritage Sites and GeoCollections

Gooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaal: the new away jerseys of Italy‘s national soccer team will wear a marble effect

The daily Il Tirreno reports that the sportswear for the Azzurri has been redesigned and now comes from Adidas company instead of Puma

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