Stone Stories

Sensation finds from Jordan and Saudi Arabia: carvings in stone are the oldest construction plans of humanity

The depictions describe so-called desert kites, which are long stone ramparts for catching animals in the former savannah

An interactive 3D model recreates the Old Man of the Mountain that fell off the cliff in New Hampshire on May 03, 2003

The face-shaped granite formation destroyed by weathering once was the state emblem

Learning more about the ecosystems along the active vents at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 2000 m water depth

An international research team has discovered 3 new fields of hydrothermal chimneys with rich biological communities using chemical energy instead of sunlight

Europe has three Capitals of Culture in 2023: Elefsina (Eleusis) in Greece, Veszprém in Hungary and Timișoara in Romania

As usual, the editors of looked up what they have to offer in terms of natural stone

Miscellaneous: news all around natural stone and rock

In 2022, British archaeologist Timothy Darvill came out with the sensational thesis that Stonehenge was a precise annual calendar, from which the exact dates for the days could be read

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