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John Pawson designs marble coffee tables for Salvatori that seem to float and take center stage in any room

“Omphalos“ (navel of the world) from Greek mythology is the name of the collection

The Belgian artist duo Studio DŌ plays in its creations with the two sides of the stones, which are raw block and sculpture

The small block is used to store a piece of jewelry created from the same material

Best of 2021: product design with natural stone

The editors of have compiled the 5 reports that got the most clicks during last year

Paolo Ulian has now developed his concept called “Drap“ further for containers such as vases

For the design, he uses the – actually undesirable – fluttering of the water jet that occurs when thicker materials are to be cut

Table lamp “Riso“ by Studio Revolution: lamp base made of onyx and shade in the style of the straw hats of Asian rice farmers

Milanese designer Roberto Bellantoni aims for a “functional aesthetic,“ that is, distinctive shapes and high usability at the same time

With the new collection “Texo“ of the brand Kreoo, the designer Enzo Berti emulates a marble fabric

The eye of the beholder is easily deceived by the apparent course of the threads or ribbons

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