Colonization of the Antilles by fauna from South America: giant sunken islands served as passageways

Over the last 40 million years, movements of the tectonic plates and glacial cycles gave birth to appearance and disappearance of archipelagos in today’s Caribbean Sea

The Gravestone Award of the Canton of Basel-Stadt in Switzerland aims to move the bereaved away from mass-produced gravestones

The award was presented for the 25th time in 2020 and honors individual designs by Swiss artists

On our list for the time after Covid-19: São Paulo in Brazil from its artistic side with stone

The metropolis is home to numerous sculptures and, of course, some monumental monuments to the country‘s history

Marlena Senne has won the SwissSkills competition for stonemasons and will represent her country at the EuroSkills in St. Petersburg in 2023

The master craftswoman with a soft spot for historic preservation loves about her profession that she “can create something great out of stone every day“

Online visit at Xiamen Stone Fair 2021: finally the feeling of a trade fair and business again

The live walking tours in English offer virtual stops at exhibitors’ booths

The Aqueduct of Constantinople: how the longest water channel of the ancient world was managed

Double water channels may have been used to maintain the system while enabling constant operation

Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

China has landed a rover on Mars with scientific instruments to get information about the planet’s geological structure

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