Swiss Bibliothek Andreas Züst: Call for applications for 3 residencies for Swiss and international cultural workers at the majestic former hotel Alpenhof

Participants shall develop projects that deal with the tradition of libraries as places of knowledge and as fabric of our culture

The town hall square in Umeå, Sweden, is a hub for pedestrian traffic and invites passers-by to pause and explore with nature attractions

Landscape architect Professor Thorbjörn Andersson brings the seasons into the city with deciduous trees and spreads a natural stone mosaic pavement on the ground

Also in Brazil, the corona lockdown seems to bring about a greater citizens’ appreciation for their homes

The furniture industry in the state of Rio Grande do Sul recorded a strong recovery in May and June / Abirochas figures for natural stone

Is the table lamp “Kryptal” a volcano that serves as a launch pad for a rocket?

Die Designer von CTRLZAK wollen beim Kunden über die reine Benutzung des Objekts hinaus Assoziationen in Gang setzen

Above the US, this year’s Perseid meteor shower will have its peak in the night from August 11 to 12, in the pre-morning hours

It is caused by the tail of the comet Swift-Tuttle, through which our planet flies every year and whose particles burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere

The US-Taiwanese company Mikol uses thin stone to produce accessories for the special marble lifestyle

The products range from protective cases for the iPhone and minimalist wallets to air purifiers, wall pictures and cards for poker games

Why some mosses in the Mojave desert preferably grow under milky quartz pebbles

The translucent stone gives them shadow from the sun’s heat and UV radiation, more humidity and also balanced temperatures between hot days/summers and cold nights/winters

James Brunt: Land-Art with wonderful geometries from small elements of nature such as leaves, sticks and stones

The English artist is inspired by the conditions of a place and compiles his works of art from the materials found there

Cattelan Italia: glass with the appearance of onyx or marble for table tops or furniture

The furnishing industry goes beyond the pure imitation of natural stone and has its designers create new “rocks” by hand

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