Xiamen Stone Fair from May 18 to 21, 2021: “Stone in Daily Life“ will be the theme for an entire hall

Artificial stone will be added as a focal point, and one hall will be about kitchens and bathrooms / Only slightly reduced exhibition area

DryTile: Laying ceramic floor tiles entirely without glue or mortar

The system uses cork as a base and a special grout / Can the principle be used for natural stone?

Red Bull shoots a film about skateboarding in the quarry of the Norwegian company Lundhs

One of the stars says: “It’s extra fun to skate on Larvikite, because it’s very hard. It makes the board glide better“

France’s Pierre d’Arudy is the 4th natural stone in the country to receive the seal of a Protected Geographical Indication (Indication Géographique)

The title protects against illegal use of the product name, it is only valid in France, but there also for imports

Best of 2020: Architecture with natural stone

The editors of Stone-Ideas.com have compiled the 5 articles and reports with the most clicks during the last year

Sturgeon stones weighing tons create habitats for animals and plants in the riverbed of the Wupper in Germany

Elephant Tuffi, beaver Bonny and salmon Lucky made by sculptors are intended to slow down the flow of the watercourse and be points of attraction for people

Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

Architectural office Foster + Partners, in collaboration with Boston Dynamics, has created a robot which “has the ability to climb stairs, avoid obstacles and traverse rough terrain

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