The designer duo Apospersano drafts for the company Pimar lighting accents and wall panels made of Lecce limestone

The novelty of the creations is that the focus is not on the form, but on the material and its effect

Sculptor Antonio López‘s work “Mujer del Almanzora“ made of Blanco Macael marble is the biggest marble sculpture in Spain

It was created in 2019 using CNC machinery processing the 230 t of stone and is supported by an interior metallic structure

The Fondazione Henraux has announced the 3 winners of its 2022 International Sculpture Prize

Winners are artists who work on contemporary themes innovatively using marble

Apprentices in horticulture and landscaping learned the know-how for dry-stone walling and also the ability to work in a team

The walls once played an important role in the pastures on the slopes and are evidence of the culture

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