Stone people: “Courage and Progress immortalized in natural stone“ by the Italian immigrants who came to Brazil 150 years ago

On February 21, 1874, the sailing ship “La Sofia” arrived at the Port of Vitória in Brazil

Archiplein and Perraudin Architectes build a major project in solid stone in a Geneva suburb

The aim was to reduce the ecological footprint of the buildings and ensure earthquake safety

Miscellaneous: news all around ornamental stone and rock

Video of the month: the safety instructions on board airplanes are usually a boring routine. Egypt Air, however, presents the rules as icons on stone pillars from the time of the pyramids

“What are the costs to France of importing natural stone?“ asks a study by the French stone association

The SNROC association presented a typically French perspective on the sustainability subject at the Rocalia trade fair in December 2023

Reclaimed Collection from British Lapicida company: Walking on History

Reused stone and terracotta tiles can tell the story how they came to their picturesque patina

The five sculptures from the Rhineland-Palatinate 2023 Sculpture Symposium have been erected in the vast landscape around Kaiserslautern

“Peace and democracy“ was the motto of the monumental works made of local red sandstone or steel

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