Was the Middle Bronze Age city called Tall el-Hammam the Biblical Sodom and was it destroyed by a meteorite exploding above the ground?

Scientists from East Carolina University, among others, analyzed a 1.5-meter-thick layer of carbon and ash in the Jordan Valley

Turkish design students again displayed many promising ideas for everyday products made of or with the country’s natural stones

For the 3rd time, the Marble Izmir fair hosted the “Young Creative Ideas Platform“

The Salone del Mobile showed 2021 in September under the title of “Supersalone“ only in small format and was a sales show for everyone

Along long walls, exhibitors were able to rent a few square meters to set up or hang up their products / Sustainability was the overall topic

“Stoneroom” is the simple name Antolini gave its new showroom in Milan next to the cathedral

The interior architect and designer Alessandro La Spada designed the 600 square meters of exhibition space

Draenert now offers its “Nelly“ table also with a metal base

The piece of furniture with the natural stone top is one of the company’s bestsellers and was designed in 2001 by founder Dr. Peter Draenert

How tectonic history and climate shape biodiversity in the tropics

In a computer model, scientists from ETH Zurich have compared the Amazon Basin in South America, the vast archipelago of Southeast Asia and the Congo Basin in Central Africa

Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

The highest waterfall on land is Salto Ángel in Venezuela with 979 meters (photo). Much higher falls can be found in the ocean, e.g., in the Denmark Strait

Xiamen Stone Fair in May 2021, under the title of “Stone Infinite“ for the 3rd time, was dedicated to the search for new ideas for natural stone

Products were presented, among other things, from furniture design, art and small items for everyday life of which many were functional

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