Product design with natural stone (1): what is actually meant by this and how can objects for everyday use be created from marble, granite & Co?

“Form Follows Function“ is the guideline, in the case of a competition supplemented by intelligent project management on the part of the curators and clients

Tate Modern’s „EY Exhibition: The Making of Rodin“ gives a unique insight into the artist‘s ways of thinking and making

Auguste Rodin, who personally only worked as a modeller with materials such as clay, broke the rules of classical sculpture to create a dramatically different image of the human body

As Notre Dame is being rebuilt, replacement stones that may be suitable are now going through laboratory testing

One of the challenges is finding new quarries or bringing decommissioned ones back into service to provide the large quantities needed

In 2022, Xiamen Stone Fair will return to March and is scheduled from 16 – 19 of the month

The post-show report of the 2021 event summarizes the new features held at the first hybrid stone fair

Colonization of the Antilles by fauna from South America: giant sunken islands served as passageways

Over the last 40 million years, movements of the tectonic plates and glacial cycles gave birth to appearance and disappearance of archipelagos in today’s Caribbean Sea

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