Ana Maria Negară takes up the ancient symbols of humanity in her sculptures

The Romanian sculptor uses the labyrinth, the spiral, the hexagon and more, showing the questions of meaning, time, transcendence…

At the European Stone Festival 2023 in Salzburg, stonemasons and sculptors showed how they turn their ideas into small sculptures

During the weekend from June 03 and 04, 2023, the venue was the Kapitelplatz, close to the cathedral

Andres Amador and his artwork at the beach: creativity in nature to capture balance and inspiration

The artist uses the sand as a canvas for fun, team building or community experiences

Elyn Zimmerman’s work “Sudama,“ with reflective and rough granite surfaces, was moved to American University in Washington DC

The monumental work, formerly titled: “Marabar,“ references the caves of Indian monks and allows nature and culture to interplay

Mosaic artist Lubosz Karawat creates a work of art with Mother Earth for a gravel company in Poland

Shown is the face of a woman in her mid-twenties, but despite her youth does not look carefree

Bulgarian sculptor Rafail Georgiev creates monumental sculptures with a playful element

In his works he deals with the “relationship between man as logos (rationality) and nature as chaos (irrationality)“

Stonemasonry winners in the “The Good Form” and “Professionals Perform“ craftsmanship-competitions were announced in Germany

Marks are given for creativity and skill at work or for professional working under time pressure, respectively

“Fusion 2” gets together sculptors from around the world plus marble and wood as materials

10 young artists have been working in a project by Italian Arkad Foundation from Seravezza and the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (vA!)

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