At the Rocalia fair in Lyon, France, dry stone walling experts and artists once again showed what can be done with stone without any mortar at all

The artwork “De Rebus Naturae“ plays with geometry, references to Ancient Egypt and the ancient philosophers Epicurus and Lucretius

Michelle Byrne transfers maps of cities or contour lines of landscapes onto large stones

The Irish artist recreates moments from the past to give an idea of how we have changed the world

Egyptian sculptress Mariam Radwan works with many materials besides stone, constantly rediscovering the nature around her

A while ago, she even participated in a symposium for sculpting with snow and ice at -270 C throughout

US sculptor Michael Yeaman’s art tells of his fascination with stones and the science that goes with them

He creates mostly simple forms, so that the structures and colors of the material are shown to full advantage

“Axis Mundi“ by Nicolas Bertoux: a Christmas tree made of tools that were used in marble quarries

In Seravezza, not far from Carrara, the artist has placed an installation of 111 hydro bags at Piazza Carduzzi

The splendor of the floor mosaic of five million small stones in Hisham’s Palace in Jericho can now be seen from above

The complex, dating from the early days of Islamic art, has been roofed over and given an elevated walkway for tourists to enjoy

Pablo Atchugarry’s sculptures can be seen in the Palazzo Reale in Milan, next to the cathedral, until January 31, 2022

The works of the artist from Uruguay are partly reminiscent of tufts of grass or wood fibers, partly of intertwined cloths

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