The Tuwaiq Sculpture Symposium in the Saudi capital Riyadh is unique in the world in many ways

From January 14 to February 08, 2024, a total of 30 participants from all over the world created their monumental works

Olena Dodatko cultivates monumental forms with great impact despite minimalist representation

The Ukrainian-born sculptor loves it when her sculptures are placed in public spaces

The five sculptures from the Rhineland-Palatinate 2023 Sculpture Symposium have been erected in the vast landscape around Kaiserslautern

“Peace and democracy“ was the motto of the monumental works made of local red sandstone or steel

Sal Orlando likes to assemble his small stone figures from colored stones with strong veins

The Californian artist follows an unusual path for sculptors

Neal Barab: a sculptor from California in Pietrasanta at the foot of the White Marble Mountains

The influence of his father, who worked for the toy company Mattel, is unmistakable in Neal’s current works

The city of Bern has once again awarded its biennial prize for exemplary gravestones in terms of craftsmanship and artistry

The aim of the campaign is to “promote individually designed gravestones as an important part of the mourning process“

Stylized cranes in the paving in front of Sankta Helena church in Skövde, Sweden

Landscape architect Thorbjörn Andersson wanted to bring the region’s famous bird migration into the town in an abstract way and give the townspeople a place that makes a statement

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