Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

Archaeologists from the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History have discovered basalt floors and decorated wall stones from Aztec times


(September 2008) An episode in the next James Bond movie „Quantum of Solace“ plays in the quarries of Carrara

Design: Jade for the Victor

(August 2008) Jade is to be employed as an element of the medals of the Olympic Games

Markets: Simultaneously global AND local trade

(July 2008) IMM Carrara presented its market analysis „Stone Sector 2007“ at the Marmotec trade fair

Markets: From snapping diamond wire to handling sludge

(July 2008) ICDS-Congress presents research touching on the future of the stone industry

Markets: Lowering taxes in Rajasthan

(July 2008) The State government decreed a tax cut from 12% to 4% on dimension stone

Design: legless desk

(July 2008) German firm develops a desk made of two stone slabs with anected container

Architecture: over 80 m breadth in stone

(Juli 2008) An Indian pagoda breaks all records with its dome which has twice the diameter of Rome’s St-Peter’s dome


(July 2008) Soap-Stone Ice-Cubes have been created by a Finnish designer

Design: Godfather Mauritius C. Escher

(June 2008) Brazilian company introduces unusual geometric creation

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