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The Turkish Natural Stone Trade Organization IMIB held its Natural Design Competition 2018

The aim was, among others, to arouse creative interest for local natural stone

Italian Franchi Umberto Marmi company: „clean lines and harmonious shapes enhance the beauty of marble“

The new Bettogli Collection consists of sofas, armchairs and chaise longues / Teak and cushion give a warm embrace

Antoniolupi 2019: a brilliant mix of materials and colors

Italian design company combines colored polyester resin with white and black marble

„Kean“: small tables with stone top by Italian Formitalia Luxury Group

The company for special furniture has published renderings of its collection to be shown at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2019

Italian Opera Contemporary company has „Amos“ side tables with marble top on structure of massive wood

The new furniture will be introduced to the public at Salone del Mobile Fair in Milan (April 09-14, 2019)

Best of 2018: Product design with natural stone

The editors of have compiled articles and reports with the most clicks in 2018

Stones from the board game Go serve as an installation in front of Vienna’s famous Herrengasse high-rise

An unobtrusive modern monument to commemorate the triumph of computers over the world master game board player makes reference to the building

In Bauhaus style: Designer Chris Basias was inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet when drafting his suspended lamp collection

The characteristic elements of the design are clear geometric shapes: cubes, disks, or cones with an imaginary line drawn by the wire

Mosarte of Brazil with its new collection: slate with and without metal inclusions

Geometric shapes define design novelties like „View“, „Round Copper“ and „Black Rust“

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