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Jordan-based Kutleh („Block“) conjures designer vases from stone remnants

Rula Yaghmour laminates stone stripes of various hues and works the resulting block to a value-added designer product

Brazil’s Vitória Stone Fair for the first time with a Natural Stone Design Show

Also the country’s stone branch aims to increase the value of the natural resource with the aid of design

Angelo Mangiarotti’s iconic pieces of furniture at the RBC showroom in Paris

„Skilful Reflections” is the title of the exhibition until November 23, 2018 / Agapecasa is the distributor

Designer Chris Basias: marble and brass lamps in balance

Greek designer takes the antique heritage of his country lightly placing great importance on perfection in craftsmanship

Book „Marmo 4.0“: how the time-honored natural stone became a modern building material

The book describes works of the famous Italian Designer Raffaello Galiotto, which caused admiration at Marmomac’s Italian Stone Theatre

Italian Pimar company’s „Case e Casette“ (Houses and Huts) may be toys for adults

Messapò is a system of two modules to create indivudal furniture inspired by drystone walling

EU-program Worth Partnership Project may be attractive also for stone designers with furniture ideas

Application open until October 24, 2018 / Italian Fili Pari designers and their innovative textiles made of marble powder were accepted to the program

British Lapicida stone company offers bookmatching also with porcelain tiles

For usage „where budgets are limited or marble slabs would be too thick or heavy“, according to a press release

Angelo Mangiarotti never actively practiced product design per se but he was an excellent sculptor of natural stone

Form alone was what drove him; functionality was secondary, almost negligible

„Mosartec“ by Friul Mosaic and Alberto Apostoli

The tradition of an ancient mosaic is brought together with modern bathroom technology

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