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Boglioli store in Milan: „an atmosphere that harkes back to an era of opulence and grandeur“

Italian-based Alfredo Salvatori has designed a spectacular wall at the entrance of the famous fashion house

Macael Marble and mathematics on the floor of the house of God

Santa Maria Church in Mahón on the Isle of Menorca has flooring in Penrose-tiling

Oversized picket fence in stone for the façade

Architect François Fontès collected a number of typical Mediterranean elements for design of a local school

A semi-circle for kitchen work

Country Stone Granite of England has created an unusual counter top in the tower of a historic Oast house

Natural stone and glass are the distinguishing factors of Leipzig’s new University complex

Architect Erick van Egeraat is purposely going against the trend in Germany to refurbish and reproduce facsimiles of original historic buildings

Circular pool in Tuscany Bercagli travertine

Vaselli–Spirito Pietra Company uses local natural stone for a pool in hilly regions

Abu Dhabi’s new business district includes a green oasis with reference to the desert

Architect Martha Schwartz created a center for peace and quiet in Sowwah Square including ample natural stone, and flora

Mies van der Rohe’s Onyx Wall adorns the façade of Zurich’s Allianz Headquarters

Wiel Arets Architects, based in the Netherlands, transposes natural stone pixel-patterns from the glass walls in the Barcelona Pavilion

Tucker Awards: Natural stone façade with a touch of Kente Cloth

Philadelphia’s new Barnes Foundation Museum is close to the founder and, like him, seeks to distance itself from its surroundings

MIA-Pinnacle Awards: black basalt for „an atmosphere of spirituality and refinement“

One of the prizes of the Marble Institute of America went to Stones and Roses Intl for works in Bangkok’s The Sukhothai Residences