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Briefly noted

(July 2013) Examples for architecture with natural stone in the USA are the subject in the latest edition of Building Stone Magazine

Construction with small natural stone blocks

(July 2013) France’s „Concours d’Architecture Pierre Naturelle“ architectural awards shows interesting solutions

Stone wall-to-wall pavement with uncertainty factor for automobile drivers and bicycle riders

(June 2013) The declared aim of London’s exhibition road was to give the street back to pedestrians

Simplicity and adaptation to local conditions

(June 2013) An anexe to a farm in India all built with local sandstone

Rough sandstone exterior, flamed sandstone interior

(May 2013) The House on Blacksod Bay on the Irish Atlantic coast mirrors the surrounding landscape

Architecture: invitation to neighbors and passers-by

(April 2013) Slovak Catholic priest’s home is neither representative nor dignified

Architecture: Buildings which seem to sprout out of the ground

(April 2013) A building complex in Bosnia-Herzegovina with outside pavement and exterior cladding made of natural stone

Architecture: unmistakable and not to be overlooked

(March 2013) Universities in the Polish city of Katowice have designed their library in red sandstone like a brand

Architecture: Top-heavy

(February 2013) Amsterdam’s office building „The Rock“ seems to defy the laws of nature with its stone façade

Architecture: Granite façades with the rhythm of Swing

(February 2013) Norway’s city of Molde has a new cultural center for its famous jazz festival