Artists’ Portraits

Teruki Kamiya’s drystone walls are about the forces of nature and beauty in stone

The Japanese is internationally known as a specialist for such designs

A war is not over when it is over

Through the life of the Iranian artist Bahman Chegeni, Kurd and believer in Yarsan (Zoroastrianism, Zarathustrism), runs the experience of violence and discrimination

“Jan van der Laan’s art is a unique synthesis between natural, organic forms and geometric abstraction“

Dutch sculptor finds the ideas for his works on the beach, in the dunes, or in the forest

Michelle Byrne transfers maps of cities or contour lines of landscapes onto large stones

The Irish artist recreates moments from the past to give an idea of how we have changed the world

Egyptian sculptress Mariam Radwan works with many materials besides stone, constantly rediscovering the nature around her

A while ago, she even participated in a symposium for sculpting with snow and ice at -270 C throughout

US sculptor Michael Yeaman’s art tells of his fascination with stones and the science that goes with them

He creates mostly simple forms, so that the structures and colors of the material are shown to full advantage

Justin Bateman: pebble painting

The British artist creates ephemeral land art that takes a lot of work to create, yet he simply leaves it on the beach or on a path

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