Art: „Lighthearted, harmonious and calm“

(May 2009) French sculptor lends stone shapes, close to nature

Markets: In 2008 Turkey counterbalances the US-crisis

(May 2009) Export growth particularly in Islamist countries / The fist quarter 2009 will never the less see a recession

Markets: Italy suffers minus of 6 % in export

(May 2009) 2008 saw growth only in slabs and blocs and in business with Gulf States


(May 2009) Train Stations are due for refurbishment in the USA during the next few years

Markets: Personalized and convertible gravestones

(April 2009) Germany has turned its back on conventional gravestones

Markets: 3-D-tool for sale

(April 2009) Italian-Brazilian firm furbishes virtual rooms with stone

Design: Gold and Silver for the Background

(April 2009) US company produces exclusive tiles made of marble, limestone and precious metals

Architecture: Playing with the raw block

(April 2009) French planer designs a wall of contrasts with alternating lines and light

Architecture: Cherry Blossoms along the way

(April 2009) Transfiguration of a former Madrid high street by means of mosaic cobblestones

Art: It’s all heads

(April 2009) German sculptor lends a face to stone finds

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