Art: Marketing in works of art

(November 2010) The second „Skulptura“ was recently held in the village of Beckingen, in Germany’s Saarland


(November 2010) „Project: Green“ proposals for the next Coverings are being accepted until January 14th 2011

Architecture: Ideas for walls and façades (2)

(October 2010) From the layered-look of Japan’s Mille-Feuille-House to a museum in Norway – a look at building exteriors is worth the while

Design: Breakthrough for Stone

(October 2010) Marmomacc Meets Design shows innovative stone walls never before thought possible

Architecture: First impressions: limestone

(October 2010) Madrid’s high-class dwelling complex „La Finca“ impresses with its elegant façade

Design: at least 3 decades durability

(October 2010) French company uses lava slabs as tourist information boards

Markets: antique art-works of slurry and resin

(October 2010) The Global Stone Congress in March in Alicante demonstrated solutions for ecological challenges facing the stone branch

Art: Tangiable time

(October 2010) Austrian artist Arnold Reinthaler captures the moment and duration in stone


(October 2010) A big building project is in the making in Stockholm’s Slussen district

Markets: Multi-billion $ investment in the Republic of Kazakhstan

(September 2010) The country situated between Asia and Europe rarely crops up in economic reports despite the fact that investment and building are progressing at staggering rates. This is a clear opportunity for the stone branch

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