Design: Playground for the designer

(October 2009) „Marmomacc meets design” campaign once again bore many unusual ideas

Architecture: Distinction not only for the Marble Opera house

(October 2009) The Marmomacc prize for architectural distinction awarded for projects around the world

Design: Living like in a Venetian Palace

(October 2009) Exhibit „The Doge’s Marble at Marmomacc

Design: Wonderland out of Marble and Onyx

(October 2009) At Marmomacc, „Marbleous Garden“ plays with material and the beholder’s imagination

Markets: Soliciting vacuum cleaners and wet-walls

(October 2009) A Brazilian ordinance requires new labour protection measures

Architecture: Stone „curtains“

(October 2009) The facade of the University of Fine Arts in Versailles stirs curiosity for what might be going on behind it

Architecture: Building in and on cliffs

(October 2009) Examples of spectacular cliff-hanger homes in Peru, Mexico and Switzerland

Design: Tropical Marble

(October 2009) Brazilian Company Michelangelo Mármores e Granitos presents natural stone from South America

Architecture: Decorative ornaments for facades

(October 2009) The „Wallcladding Concept” offers a wide array of design possibilities for landlords and architects alike

Art: Margheritas Marble Girdle

(October 2009) Italian artist captures warmth, tenderness, fragility and sensitivity in stone

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