Design: Ideas for everyday products in natural stone

(July 2012) Whereas many of the natural-stone design-products shown at Verona’s Marmomacc are, in truth, works of art, Milan’s furniture trade fair exhibits true product-design pieces

Markets: Russia an up-and-coming import market, China a super-power

(July 2012) The IMM Carrara statistical yearbook takes a glance at the near and distant future of the stone branch

Art: „I consider all my life as a trip“

(July 2012) Italian artist Giuliano Giussani expresses his observations of the world around and inside him in his sculptures


(July 2012) Sings of a turnaround in the US housing market

Architecture: Cooking in noble ambiance

(June 2012) Swiss and US America kitchen designs in natural stone. Ideas in engineered stone from Spain

Trade fairs: Inner Mongolia on the up

(June 2012) China’s Province presented itself as a stone producer at this year’s Stonetech in Shanghai

Architecture: simply glue the stone slab on

(June 2012) Italian companies developed an inexpensive alternative for natural stone façades

Stone Stories: Geology from Porto to Faro

(June 2012) Portugal has published a guide of its Geological and Mines Sites


(June 2012) „The Verona marble district views the Russian market with great interest”

Design: „Stone Drapes“

(June 2012) At the international furniture trade fair in Milan a number of new design ideas for natural stone and engineered stone were on exhibit

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