Design: „Marble’s symbolic and spiritual power“

(August 2012) „Thus Spoke the Marble“ is the motto of the Turkish trade associations present their design ideas

Markets: Recycling must be the prominent topic

(August 2012) What consumers want to know about sustainability / British Natural Stone Sustainability Award as a role-model for PR-strategies

Architecture: Marble-look glass in Origami-Folds

(August 2012) A Paris office building was clad in an innovative natural stone imitation

Art: lifeless stone and human flesh

(August 2012) Paris’ Musée Rodin is currently showing the exhibit „Rodin, flesh and marble“

Briefly noted

(August 2012) Moscow’s Expostone 13th Trade Fair had 363 companies from 22 countries

Architecture: Bathing in noble ambiance

(July 2012) Natural stone for the bathroom: examples from Italy, Russia and the Netherlands

Design: stone tables as contrast to excitement and ephemerality

(July 2012) Italian-based Marsotto Edizioni introduces its new everyday products

Design: Kaleidoscope of colors in stone

(July 2012) Brazilian company produces multi-colored stone based on marble, granite and other types of stone

Architecture: 1920’s gem

(July 2012) Mies van der Rohe’s Villa Tugendhat in the Czech Republic restored to its original condition


(July 2012) Consentino announces new type of engineered stone for outdoor use

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