Design: „Boiseries“ (wood inlays) in stone

(May 2012) Italian company livens up wall cladding in natural stone

Markets: going from strength to strength in turbulent times

(Mai 2012) In 2011, Italy’s stone industry reached a plus mainly in exporty of finished products / India most important supplier

Art: Tradition and delight as an end in itself

(May 2012) The two artists making up Escultura-Opaso work according to commission and delight in unusual ideas


(May 2012) Master courses in Architecture and Contemporary Building Design with Stone

Architecture: Cooking in noble ambiance

(April 2012) Unusual cooking ideas were submitted at the Austrian Stone Masons’ competition. One such exocentric idea was a 10 cm-thick counter-top

Markets: ‚Green’ production is the main topic

(April 2012) Interview with Zou Chuansheng, President of the China Stone Material Association

New markets for the natural stone industry: product design (2)

(April 2012) Shanghai’s STONETECH trade fair (April 25th – 28th 2012) will analyze the future markets for household objects made of natural stone

Design: Material und function to the foreground

(April 2012) German-based Draenert Company introduces a minimalist side table

Art: Darkness of the soul peering out of slate

(April 2012) Spanish artist Pancho Castelo expresses dark moods in dark stone relief


(April 2012) Million-$-donation for the restoration of the Washington Monument

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