Design: Nature’s mosaic

(March 2009) Designer reproduces patterns of her surroundings in tesserae hand-made in the USA

Design: Vase with a difference

(March 2009) Japanese designers conceive flower receptacle made of marble or granite

Art: Thoughts on the path through the brain

(March 2009) US-sculptor designs winding, though clear shapes in alabaster, marble and other stone

Art: Advancement of Europe’s sculptors

(March 2009) Sculpture Network creates opportunities for artists and those interested in contemporary sculpture


(March 2009) A luxury hotel in the style of the Waldorf Astoria is presently being built in Berlin

Markets: Gabions and Dry Stone Walls

(February 2009) Gardening and Landscaping offers many opportunities for producers of Natural Stone

Architecture: Like born in the volcano

(February 2009) The sports stadium on the Spanish island of Tenerife resembles a crater and uses the local basalt

Architecture: Awards for Building with Stone

(February 2009) Prizes for building with natural stone are an effective marketing instrument for the branch


(February 2009) „King is Ours“ is the title of a US-campaign

Stone Stories: The Pope as a column-snatcher

(January 2009) Many-a-tale is told about natural stone used in building the Chigi-Chapel of Siena Cathedral

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