Q&A: „Don’t allow stains to dry“

(February 2012) Expert advice: caring for your stone countertop after cooking

Design: always good for surprises

(February 2012) Egyptian-based Hazem Shoukry Designs successful with innovative stone ideas

Markets: Finding an active quarry at the click of the mouse

(February 2012) German publisher Abraxas-Verlag has created an international and interactive database freely accessible via internet


(February 2012) New explanation for the craters on Earth and moon

Design: Stone – the verve on the Piazza

(February 2012) Rimini’s recent trade fair showed a project to furnish outdoor-plazas with the declared aim of reviving street-life

Alfredo Polti: Open-air-showroom on the facade

Swiss-based stone manufacturer shows raw and processed gneiss outside and inside a new building

Markets: „Thriving demand“ in Sambalândia

(February 2012) Brazil’s natural stone market is currently experiencing a bull market

Art: Architecture as a stonemason’s theme

(February 2012) Sculptor Ekkehard Altenburger of German dependences has dedicated himself and his work to the balance between buildings and their surrounding environment


(February 2012) „Hispano-Moslem Architecture in 3D“ – new ideas for the Spanish stone branch

Architecture: Mysticism in houses of worship

(January 2012) A marble plateau under a French altar, an open mausoleum in Portugal, and a House of Faith in Israel

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